John & Diana Sim, Midland, WA, Owners Since 2015
"Owning a business that you love is easy...every day is different, the pace is fast and you are constantly learning. The clients are interesting, the work is vast and varied and the satisfaction that comes with designing, producing and finishing a product that the client loves is the best reward (along with the profit!). Minuteman Press are easy to work with, very organised and efficient and have made all the mistakes before we came along so can offer the best support, advice and sound experience. Owning our store is where we feel we should have been all along, no looking back."

Lachlan McDonald, Seaford, VIC, Owner Since 2013
"Minuteman Press has been a real positive experience for me over the last 5 years. I had amazing personal and professional growth surpassing everything I've done before Minuteman."

Simon Kelly & Peter Kelly, Balcatta, WA, Owners Since 2017
"I began this process over 3 years ago in search of a business that would suit the needs of a family business dynamic, but in particular that of my son Simon.

The Minuteman Press franchise was perfect in terms of the initial cost, ongoing support and monthly royalty fee, but my concerns where in other areas such as quoting, production, and customer service given that we had little or no print experience, coupled with the fact that my son Simon was extremely shy. In short, "How good was the training on offer and could they achieve all these things in 2 weeks " ? The answer is most definitely yes. I cannot believe how competent my son is since completing his training in New York and how confident he is in dealing with customers and members of the public. The business is exceeding the families expectations in a very short space of time, and so, on behalf of my wife and I we extend a big thank you to all at Minuteman Press International."

Tania Ackerman, Condell Park, NSW, Owner Since 2015
"Having worked in several other print franchise companies, making the decision to purchase a Minuteman Press store was a no brainer. The team at Minuteman Press are fantastic, and have been crucial in my success. My field rep, provides great industry knowledge and a helpful approach when troubleshooting the day to day running of my business. In the last 18 months my business has grown by 50%. We have also expanded into signage, purchasing a wide format machine in late 2016. By bringing signage production in-house we hope to see the business take off even more. The area manager for my region, Jeff Lewis, has been a great help with the signage side of things."

Ed and Fiona McDonnell, West Footscray, VIC, Owners Since 2005
"We loved that no experience in printing was necessary and met with established Minuteman Press franchise owners in Melbourne with backgrounds as diverse as banking, chemical companies and supermarket/retail managers.

The Minuteman Press team we met at the franchise trade show and every step after were professional, competent, friendly, and seemed like people we could work with. The business model stacked up we loved the margins available with print!

The days are never boring at our business always something new to do. Minuteman Press has a system that supports without stifling your own entrepreneurship. “

Keenan and Kylie Archer Abbotsford, VIC, Owners Since 2000
“Minuteman Press was the only business we looked at back in 1999. Three things stood out. First, was the honesty and openness of the franchisor. The second was the repeat nature of the products we would be selling. Third, it wasn’t a food business running 7 days a week; it’s a business that has no limit in growth. It’s a business that allows you to get out and meet business owners, and it’s a business that can be very rewarding. Since opening the doors in February 2000, we have never looked back.”

Luke Vachalec – Gladesville, NSW, Owner Since 2017
"Since becoming a franchisee of Minuteman Press, there has never been any letdown to my expectations. I have received all the training I could ask for before starting, which has been maintained still as an ongoing service. The support I have been given the whole journey has been amazing, and I couldn't ask for two more knowledgeable and friendly guys to be my Field Reps -Warrick and Area Manager Jeff Lewis. The company as a whole genuinely makes you feel like part of the big Minuteman Press family.

There is zero doubt that the business model 100% works. With the tools provided and what the print industry is, success is only limited by ones ambition. I have a long way to go before reaching my goals in the industry and as a business owner, but know I have the support I need along the way to get there through Minuteman Press."

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Why Minuteman Press?
Why Minuteman Press?