Meet the team of Minuteman Press, Wanneroo, Australia - L-R: Greg Walsh, co-owner; Helen Walsh, co-owner, and Lauren Bacich, designer.

Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Wanneroo, Perth, WA Helps Kingdomcity Church Connect, Equip and Empower People

With communities in six different cities – Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Gaborone, Singapore, Phnom Penh, and Perth – Kingdomcity relies upon Minuteman Press Wanneroo for their visual communications and marketing.

Helen and Greg Walsh have spent 6 years of providing exceptional service to their clients, who value a partnership which will grow their business, not just another impersonal online printer; and the rewards are realized through mutually increasing prosperity with every encounter.  Their reputation within the local community they serve continues to honour the worldwide respected brand of Minuteman Press International and they go forward as enthusiastic providers of a great variety of solutions in size and scope.

Helen says, “We choose to invest our time, energy and experience in working with our clients to find the best possible, design, print and promotional solutions.  Our knowledge, understanding and networks have been developed to provide the best possible print solution for our clients. If our client’s business is equipping and empowering people – well that makes us proud.”

Prior to entrepreneurship, Greg’s profession as a Chartered Accountant put him in a prime position to recognize the advantage of buying a new Minuteman Press franchise that would put him in control over the insecurities of a weaker economic environment.  “Focussing on our local market, excellent service and an inherently lean business structure, while maximizing value for our customers has created a sustainable family business during an unstable economic environment,” according to Greg.  Further, he possesses what has been described as “brutal honesty” merged with a personable nature, creative business wisdom and a genuine desire to find the best possible solution for his clients; all are gifts to those relying upon him to be an excellent marketing services provider.

Helen Walsh has an impressive background in the professional services industry and simply will not allow her clients to settle for “2nd best” when they present their challenges to her for solutions.  Her uncompromising work ethic is focused on value-added client service and she has a keen ability to understand people’s needs which she directs into tailor-made business products and solutions perfectly suited for the given situation:  “I am passionate about helping the people within my local community as well as the health and growth of our community itself.  It is our mission to partner with our local businesses to strengthen their brand identity and produce printing and promotions designed to further their growth.”

As their digital print, design and marketing centre continues to grow, so does their vision and identity as a local business supporting the increasing health of their local economy and community.  They do so with the help of Lauren Bacich, a qualified graphic designer.  Helen describes her talents, “Lauren is like a chameleon.  She will adjust her design style to suit our clients brief and will ensure that her design matches our client’s brand and identity. Lauren has been with us since day 1 – she knows and understands our clients well and is an integral part of our team.”

From the moment they assumed command of their Minuteman Press centre, Helen and Greg identified as service providers above all things and quickly ascended to the top of the business to business services industry for the community they serve.  Helen says, “Six years along, we can now confidently say that we are the marketing services specialist for our area.  We are local, we understand our market and clients and we know what works.  We are focused on providing solutions as opposed to just producing a printed piece.  We pay more attention to the overall business goals our customers are trying to achieve.  We are our customers’ marketing services partner.”

Minuteman Press of Wanneroo helps Kingdomcity create a healthier community reality in Australia and beyond into some of the world’s most needful regions.

As people of faith, Kingdomcity Church is devoted to spread goodwill, comfort and assistance not just to those within their community in Perth, but also through many overseas missions that transform the lives of people in crisis in some of the most difficult areas of the world to live peaceful, fulfilled lives.  They are actualizing the goodness of their faith by educating children from very low economic areas in Cambodia, educating and housing orphans in the Smile Home Orphanage in India and rescuing victims involved in human trafficking through the Esther Project in Malaysia.

“We are very proud to have Kingdomcity as our client – they connect, equip and empower people in our community and beyond.  We work with them on many exciting projects.  As they grow and their requirements increase they are becoming more and more innovative in seeking cost effective visual solutions,” Helen explains.

She continues, “This translates into us becoming more and more innovative with our solutions for them, such as “THE MAN CAVE” project.  We were requested to find a solution for a custom designed archway for an event to support their men’s ministry on a very low budget.  Using our wide format printer we printed the backdrops on cost effective paper and supplied corflute sheets.  The team at Kingdomcity gathered together and created THE MAN CAVE.”

Back in December of 2014, Kingdomcity found themselves let down by their printer who was unable to make their deadline.  This was when they visited Minuteman Press Wanneroo.   As Helen explains, “This printer didn’t meet an urgent deadline.  While they were brainstorming a solution Ron at Kingdomcity decided to try Minuteman Press Wanneroo as we were just up the road.  They walked in asked me if we could print their job by the next day and I said, “Yes”.  Our first job was 1000 x event cards.  In just over 2years Kingdomcity has increased from 2 Churches to 4 spanning across the Perth Metro.  Our printing quantities have increased from 1000 – 10 000.”

Today, Helen, Greg and their team produce outstanding printed items of all kinds for the many events and missions that make Kingdom City the force of good that it continues to be.

Here are just 4 of the printed tools Minuteman Press produces on their behalf that help them bring their life-changing message to life:

  • Pull-up banners and wide format posters
  • DL Cards and event reminders
  • Brochures and Training Booklets
  • Conference Tags
  • Customized Promotional and Event Products eg. Popcorn Boxes

Asha Thompson assumed a new position at Kingdomcity, tending to marketing and Global Communications.  She appreciates the role Greg, Helen and team member, Lauren have played to make her transition smooth and pain free, saying, “I met Helen, Greg and Lauren when I came into my role in Marketing at Kingdomcity. They have been very helpful in explaining printing details and making sure that I understand all of our options. Their ability to print and meet our (often short!) deadlines has been truly amazing & they have made my transition into this role a breeze!  I know that their service & products are always reliable, I’m never nervous about what we might receive but know without a doubt we will always get top quality.”

Confidence in Minuteman Press of Wanneroo brings great relief and freedom. It allows Asha and her colleagues to focus on their righteous mission, rather than worrying about designing, printing and promoting their message on their own.

The good people at Kingdomcity are free to enjoy greater excitement about the increasing number of lives they are going to impact over time, without added stress, thanks to this partnership.  As she concludes, “I’m looking forward to maintaining the partnership we have with Minuteman Press, as things change and grow very quickly here at Kingdomcity they are able to keep up with us and make the pressure enjoyable! I know that they’re always open and willing to help see grand ideas be made a reality!”

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