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Minuteman Press Franchise in East Perth Designs, Prints and Promotes for Jacobs

East Perth Minuteman Press is partnered with Jacobs as their 54,000 employees in more than 230 locations worldwide serve a wide range of companies and organizations, including industrial, commercial and government clients across multiple markets.

John Corder owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise in East Perth, Australia. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com.au

John Corder owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise in East Perth, Australia.

Though John Corder has been in business for just two years, his approach to customer service and his dedication to quality unmatched by quick print or online vendors are reflective of a superior standard.  This standard was set by the seasoned franchisor responsible for his award-winning training and continued support, Minuteman Press International; and with his personal blend of dedication and keen business instincts, John leads his East Perth center with marketing services that are a credit to his brand and to his community.

As is true for his fellow Minuteman Press franchise owners, John is creating his own success while benefiting the business to business community in East Perth. That he brings the full depth of technical and marketing knowledge only the leader of the modern printing industry can provide, he liberates his clients from stress and allows them to focus on their own specialties in order to reach new heights. He says, “I’ve been in business for 2 years and still learning the ropes. Our approach to customer service is one providing a service for the client, and in doing so freeing them up to concentrate on building their business. When working with us, the customer has direct contact with the owner; therefore there is no waiting on any decisions.”

Glenn Coyle is Minuteman Press International Area Manager for Perth and he was delighted to meet John in response to an online inquiry about the world’s leading digital print design and marketing franchise he represents, Minuteman Press International. He says, “I met with John Corder as he was made redundant from the mining industry here in Western Australia in about early 2015.  He made an online inquiry to Minuteman Press and once we met up for the first time I learnt a lot more about his background.”

During their meeting, Glenn discovered that John had little need to be convinced that buying a printing business was best done by investigating Minuteman Press franchise opportunities.  Several members of his immediate family were aligned with the printing industry leader Glenn represented, so John had a clear view of the kind of hard work and life-enhancing rewards Minuteman Press franchise ownership can yield.

Glenn explains, “John is the youngest of 4 brothers and is from South Africa originally but he had been in Australia for close to 20 years. His other 3 brothers have all been involved or owned Minuteman Press stores in South Africa and still do today.  One of his brothers was speaking to John and mentioned to get in touch with the local representative here, to learn more about Minuteman Press and that led him to contact me.  His brother has one of the oldest stores in South Africa and John used his brother’s knowledge and experience to help him make a sound decision while he was researching the business. He was a great fit and is now running his own store here, in Perth.  John provides great quality and tremulous service to his customer base and any new customers that walk in or make inquiries.”

Part of the charm of John’s Minuteman Press center is that it is not a large location and there is just one other team member, which he describes as ‘the design and production guru’ Sam Lloyd.  It is easy to walk in and feel at home, only to find that this small center carries with it the enormity of the modern printing industry in terms of technology and marketing expertise.  John talks about a shared truth most Minuteman Press owners have made their trademark, that of meeting the demands of jobs that are needed yesterday, a fitting role to play as it is a reference to the franchisor’s original slogan, “For the job you needed yesterday.”

He says, “Most of the jobs we get into our store are required yesterday so we must manage the customer’s expectations and try to explain to them the process required in completing their job.  Being in the marketing services industry is rewarding when you can see how you have provided the customer with a solution to a problem and they are happy with the result.  At our store, it is all about personalized customer service as that really is the point of difference we offer, as quality and price are as they say ‘a given.’”

Jacobs continues to achieve new heights in engineering with the dedicated support of their local Minuteman Press in East Perth.

With a 70 year history and a future of further innovation in engineering ahead, Jacobs maintains a high-performing, empowered culture and leads with a global strategy that is led by a respectable mission and values.  It is fitting that they would lean upon the world’s leading marketing services provider, a company that also boasts a rich history and commitment to long-term client partnerships, Minuteman Press.

Since more than 95% of Jacobs’ work is repeat business, it is clear that they are intimately connected with their customers and will continue to help them achieve their objectives.  This allows the company to offer cost advantages, profits and growth enough to attract and retain the best in the industry.  Operating at an elite level demands elite partners and Minuteman Press in East Perth is pleased to help Jacobs continue to actualize their global success.

John Corder explains that when he bought his printing business in East Perth, Jacobs was a current client, but they had yet to realize the full potential of a Minuteman Press expertise and were, at first, requesting smaller jobs.  “We pretty much inherited Jacobs as a customer when we took the store over, however at the time the store was not doing much business with them and only one section of the company, that being the health, safety and environment department, headed up by Louise Reymond.  After proving ourselves; completing several small but unfamiliar jobs, we gained their confidence enough for them to place additional trust in our services.”

Naturally, traditional printed marketing is not to be sacrificed by the world’s biggest, most knowledgeable companies and Jacobs fits that category.  As their professional relationship continued, John and his team printed necessities such as business cards, calculation pads, note pads and more.

Safety and ethics are themes that Jacobs maintains without compromise and it is a work environment that promotes employee progress enough to generate nearly $11 billion in annual revenue.  To support this critical approach to ethics and safety, John and his Minuteman Press center are relied upon to print their official safety books.  He says, “The biggest job we had undertaken up until that time, the printing, assembly and supply of a thousand ‘take 5’ safety books, this has since been followed up with several more orders of this magnitude.”  The company was so pleased with the results of this large task that other departments were alerted to reach out to Minuteman Press for various products that needed expert attention.  John continues, “It was then suggested that we could provide the printing for other departments at Jacobs, and now we do. They have become one of our bigger customers.”

Unique printed artwork makes special occasions stand out for people.  Jacobs knows this and Minuteman Press prints for this…

Jacobs turned to John and his team with an idea on a tight timeline, courtesy of their APAC HSE Systems Coordinator, Louise Reymond … and they were glad they did.  John explains, “Louise required a ‘Giant photo frame’ for safety week.  She contacted us on the Wednesday with a concept and we were able to design and supply her with a product, on kappa board, that she was happy with in time for the function on Friday morning.”

Louise reflects on the appreciation her company has for John and Minuteman Press, saying, “The friendly customer service provided by John and his team is second to none. He has a can-do attitude and will make any request come to fruition.  I recommended my colleagues speak to John about providing business cards due to the quality and price. They have not been disappointed with the product.”

She continues with a nod towards the inevitable tight timelines that are a reality of business today and how Minuteman Press in East Perth, Australia has always gotten the job done: “All of the jobs I ask of John consist of very tight deadlines! He provides me with realistic expectations and always delivers.  On one occasion he worked over the weekend constructing StepBack (Take 5 style) notepads just to deliver on time.”

Jacobs measures the value they bring to clients every day and John is hopeful that the future will prove their partnership fully supports that endeavor when he says, “At the moment we deal some of the staff at Jacobs, providing their printing requirements on a daily basis. It is my hope, with our quick turn around and sharp pricing that the relationship will continue to grow.”

As if to confirm his hopes for a future filled with greater progress in their partnership, Louise adds, “I look forward to working with John and his team at Minuteman Press on many more projects in future.”

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