Mark Kerspien and Glenn Coyle, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Perth/Western Australia.

Why Mark Kerspien Left His Career to Buy Minuteman Press in Fremantle, Western Australia

Honouring brand standards is a prime area of expertise Minuteman Press franchise owners like Mark Kerspien uses to benefit big-named clients such as Toyota.

Mark Kerspien, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Fremantle Western Australia.

Mark Kerspien, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Fremantle Western Australia.

FREMANTLE, Western Australia — Working for the government and private companies, Mark Kerspien found himself working overseas a lot.  Too much travel for his liking as he gained the perspective only life experience can give about the value of time.  Yet, it literally took a bomb going off to prompt him to radically change his career objectives for the sake of all things sacred.  He explains, “Twenty-five years of living in a plane ran out of favour and for a time, I had a factory in China.   I was coming back from China in October 2012 and I stopped off in Busung in South Korea.  There was a military operation with South Korea, America and Australia (Naval mostly) and I was on the train from Busung to Seoul. When I arrived in Seoul I stepped off to chaotic scenes. I then watched a missile go over my head, hit the side of a building and kill 11 people. North Korea just gave the South a warning as they didn’t like the military operation going on down South.”

A rush of contemplation overcame Mark and the sense of urgency accompanied it and suddenly, continuing in his line of work didn’t make sense anymore.  He continues, “Was the missile armed? I don’t know but I made a decision right there that I’m not going to die in a foreign country. I bought a small printing centre in December 2012 – it was close to home and my kids’ school. What did I know about the printing industry? Zero. I didn’t have a clue, but I know people and that’s what makes business work. What I have learnt is that you need a system. You need good people. You need to stretch yourself and try different things and most importantly you need a loving family.”

The new life Mark provided for his family put his contemplation to rest and the proven system he trusted with their future was designed by Minuteman Press International decades ago.  In December of 2012, the community of Fremantle welcomed his digital print, design and marketing centre and with training, support and “good people”, Mark welcomed the new role he assumed with hours that favoured family and security as he wished.

Mark leads the modern printing industry through his Minuteman Press franchise in Fremantle-O’Connor knowing that it is the little things that make all the difference.  “We work hard to make the process of promoting a message simple and even pleasant for our clients,” he says with assurance.  His centre has been in business for fourteen years and they are developing deeper ties within the business-to-business industry and the community they serve.  Busy people who count upon them continue to find their various challenges are indeed made simpler and yes, even pleasant to conquer with Mark and his team as partners in marketing.  As he continued to untangle the knots that can come when business owners and non-profits try to reach an audience without a clue how, Mark’s reputation strengthened. And, as more success needs more space, they moved location to larger premises in O’Connor about 4kms away.

Karoline Kerspien, Mark’s wife, is an Accountant at Murdock University in Perth and while she may not work in the centre with Mark, he knows her role in his functionality is paramount.  “She looks after all the stuff with which I am not good like balancing the sheets and the whole accounting process.  She works her day job and then takes care of Minuteman Press business at night and weekends. I couldn’t do it without her.”  Further, their children put forward enthusiastic effort into their Dad’s franchise when needed, so the Kerspien family turns work into a chance to bond.  “Our three kids help when we get a big job that’s mundane as it provides a get together for the family.  We make a pizza night out of the task.  We are a small, but personal family business that excels in customer service.  Our staff is trained in customer care.”

A family-run business that meets tight-deadlines through pizza-party work sessions is a desirable place to work.  Mark talks about his team with pride, “Shoo is our Lead Designer and is very adept at multi-tasking and she can often be found talking with clients or in the finishing department. She is one of the most pleasant and happy people you will meet. Nothing is too hard for her and many clients will pop in with a chocolate bar just because they appreciate her efforts.  Jon is in Production and Signage. Jon is a qualified sign writer and a problem solver. He is happy liaising with clients and very efficient. We have great systems and procedures here that allow us to revert to clients quickly with quotes and ultimately find a solution for most requirements.”

When Mark decided a more grounded life was preferred to one that was consumed by air travel, he took the initiative and became an entrepreneur in the business-to-business services industry.  His Minuteman Press franchise is grounded by a critical rule of growth in all industries, that of honouring branding guidelines and finding the ideal audience, both in print and online.

“Many of our clients are small to medium size enterprises and don’t always have the time or staff to keep their brand out there and in a uniformed fashion.  We not only design and produce paper and sign items but we also look after branding guides and that extends to websites and online marketing. The essence of company is their branding. When you look at Minuteman Press franchises across the world there is colour and style uniformity and this is essential in creating credibility and trust with your clients.” – Mark Kerspien, Minuteman Press franchisee, Fremantle, WA

Mark Kerspien with the team of Minuteman Press, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Mark Kerspien with the team of Minuteman Press, Fremantle, Western Australia.

Mark continues, “In any B2B relationship you need to ensure personal service. Profit is an important factor in our business and we find that providing personal and well thought out services to our clients eventually helps our bottom line. Clients trust us to deliver real time services with fair pricing… and they want it fast.”

For many years now, Mark and his staff have developed a strong and trusting relationship with the key stakeholders of the Toyota Landcruising Club of WA and it is the perspective of Minuteman Press they seek when they have a new project.  2016 marked the club’s 20th anniversary and they wished to celebrate with class by designing and printing a 20th anniversary book. As great care accompanies every client request, the design and production process for the anniversary book was no exception and the club was delighted.  Mark says, “This large volume book was representative of years and years of data and images. I needed to bring this book to life and give it the representation it deserved. The cover was essential. We needed it to be strong yet thoughtful as 4W drivers can be seen as environmental bandits.”

Mark was prepared to help combat those mislead by the idea that all 4W drivers are the same.  He knew how he could portray the Toyota Landcruiser Club in the way that is right and true, as outdoor adventurers with a great respect for the environment. He continues, “We understand that this club is careful and considerate with the environment so that had to come through. I decided to present the idea at one of our many meetings that depicted the cover with water mark tracks in a 3D element. The beautiful Ochre sands that we have here in WA was the bold statement of colour with a winding track in 3D that looked like water or a mirage elevating off the front Cover. We all know that shifting sands will remove these wheel tracks and we wanted the audience to know how fine a balance there is with the environment. I believe we struck the right theme from the outset and the clients were thrilled.  We are now in the second run of production. ”

Area Manager for Minuteman Press International’s Western Australian Region, Glenn Coyle, observes the manner in which Minuteman Press Fremantle is developing stronger ties with clients and a stellar reputation. He adds, “Mark is a huge believer on customer service and networking. I have heard him say many a time, ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated and that goes with staff as well. A happy work place environment is infectious and affects everyone.’”

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