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Four Reasons Why the Future of Digital Printing is Unstoppable

Digital printing industry growth is driven both by grounded and innovative solutions.

The future of digital printing is hot and the wisest decision-makers in the modern printing industry are embracing this expanding sector with vigor and enthusiasm.  These are empowering times for print industry leaders who are invigorated about the future of digital printing as the data suggests that in a few short years, digital print volume is projected to reach nearly 70%, and it is predicted that the total digital market will increase substantially within the next 5-10 years (with inkjet accounting for more than half of both the value and the volume of digital printing). 

Indeed, the immediate future of digital print must include a hybrid-solution that merges one of the most respected, long-standing methods of communication (offset printing) with the dynamic, emerging channel that is digital print. It is certainly an exciting time to be part of The Minuteman Press Franchise, with a vested pride borne from successfully staying on the forefront of a business services industry that navigates a promising, profitable future fueled by both tradition and trailblazing force.

Four Reasons Why Digital Printing is Soaring:

1. Impressive Service – Digital Printing is a crowd-pleaser for its flexibility, allowing print suppliers to provide production as needed and on-time while availing themselves of new opportunities to increase profit.  Additionally, product upgrades and changes can happen more quickly than some companies’ marketing departments can typically keep up-to-date items stocked, so using digital technology becomes an advantage for making a great, timely impression and increasing sales. 

2. Favorable Pricing – Digital color printing prices continue to become more affordable.  Modern digital presses are designed for very heavy output.  The faster speeds are allowing print shop-owners to become more cost effective and efficient, which makes everyone happy as costs decline. This further drives the digital print demand.

3. Getting personal – There are no complaints about personalized work.  Digital printing makes personalized, targeted, variable data printing an easier option which means that when a prospect list is presented for a direct mail campaign, the job will be done with greater ease and accuracy. This is invaluable because personalized direct mail campaigns are proving to exceed the success of other outlets (including online and social media). Variable-data capability has been tested over multiple studies and in almost every case, personalization has created an increase in results.

4. Data Management – Managing and maintaining “big data” as it matures with technology capable of identifying potential customers is an outstandingly powerful skill.  Digital printing will increasingly be used as a communication channel for this particular output and to avoid “dying on the vine” moving forward, it’s best to heed the call and incorporate it.

When advertising products require frequent specification adjustments, digital printing makes it easier to make those changes.  Digital printing offers business services a way to make inexpensive reprints with updated materials and photographs.  Short digital runs to accommodate urgent needs (print-on-demand) can be produced with prices that have become reasonable. For decisions related to digital print, design and marketing,  it is wise to allow the trusted professionals of The Minuteman Press Franchise review the best time to use short digital runs or longer offset options based on what’s cost effective in each case.

The future demand of digital printing is already in high-gear as demand for individualized print products, design and marketing services is on the rise. As inkjet technologies continue to mature in terms of speed, quality and economics, digital print continues to establish itself as a legitimate and exciting part of the vital solutions available beyond today. Innovative print industry leaders from the Minuteman Press franchise have helped predict, scope and lead the journey.  As the business services industry worldwide craves more, Minuteman Press will consistently serve up, as established experts, a wealthy offering of options that merge the tried and true with the exciting and the innovative.